Brazing Consulting Services

peopleWhen you need outside help for your brazing operations, you need to be able to call someone who not only has lots of effective hands-on brazing experience but who can also answer your questions clearly and reliably.....

.....Someone who can, on very short notice, fly to your plant, if needed, to do on-site problem solving with you, and to do it at a reasonable cost. And wouldn't it be nice if that person were also able to effectively teach you and your people many of the "secrets" of how to prevent brazing problems from re-occurring in the future? If this makes sense to you, then perhaps you need to give me a call.

I have been actively working in the field of brazing for more than 50-years, and can assist you in the following areas:

  • problem-solving
  • process improvement (assistance in design and setup)
  • cost reduction (everyone will find value with this service!)
  • recommendations for brazing equipment and/or consumables
  • sources of information about brazing
  • hands-on brazing seminars on-site
  • on-going consultation and assistance on a retainer basis

Fees are $2,950/day plus expenses for consulting involving a minimum of a full-day at one time, or multiples days in succession.

For typical brazing consulting via phone, or computer meetings (Zoom, Teams, etc.) the hourly rate for 2023 is $450/hour.

There is no charge for initial discussions of 30-minutes or less, and I'll be happy to help you as much as possible during such discussions.


For more information or to schedule our first meeting please call us at (860) 431-0093 or CONTACT US today. 

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